British Consulate in São Paulo

British ConsulateSee the British Consulate in São Paulo details here. If you are in São Paulo and need assistance such as replacing a passport or applying for a new passport then you can contact the British Consulate in São Paulo. You can obtain emergency travel documents

at this consulate. You can also ask about a British visa such as a visitors visa or a fiancee visa for the UK. If you cannot obtain advice then contact the British Embassy in Brasilia for assistance.

British Consulate in São Paulo

The contact details for the British Consulate has been added below with a map and telephone numbers and other contact details such as email for them. See: Consulado Geral Britânico. If you are going to visit the UK then you will need a UK Visitor Visa. See what the requirements and how long it takes to obtain the visa. See also the contact details of the British Embassy in Brazil which has also been added onto this website. You can also see also the office hours of the Consulate. This as well as the telephone number, email and other contact details as well as a Google map.

British Consulate in São Paulo

Note the office hours and also note that the Consulate is close on UK public holidays as well as all local holidays. If you need an emergency travel document or renew your British passport. Search this website for more information on the process. If you are getting married you will need a ‘freedom to marry’ letter which they can assist you with at the Consulate.

Registering a British national born abroad you will need to have the local birth registration. This as well as other documents that the Consulate or Embassy will need. Email and call them first to ensure that they are open and can offer you assistance.

British Consulate-General São Paulo Office

Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741
CEP 05428-002 São Paulo Sao Paulo


There are a number of other Consulates around the world. These include the British Consulate Rio de Janeiro as well as the British Consulate in Recife which has also been added to this website. See other contact details on this website as well. There are also ones as far afield as the British Consulate in Malaga.



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