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Current wait times for UK visa – Hong Kong

British ConsulateIf you are visiting the UK then you should check your status as a Chinese passport is not the same as a BNO passport. The listing below are listed by the FCO but does not take these into account. These are for settlement visas as well as for the UK visitors visa and you should also look at the approximate visa fees.

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Current wait times for UK visa – Thailand

British ConsulateIf you are taking your Thai girlfriend home then you might as well consider the current wait times in Bangkok Thailand. The UK Embassy in Bangkok has the following listed for 2016. The time listing below are for the year 2016. Most of the visa applications are processed very fast. You can see this in details below if you are wanting a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend.

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Life in the UK Test

British ConsulateNow that you are in the United Kingdom you need to pass the final test as part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK. You will have to book your Life in the UK Test online at least 3 days in advance. It costs £50.

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British Immigration Solicitors in Wales

British ConsulateIf you are looking for a solicitor in Wales that deals with immigration issues then we have added a list of immigration solicitors in Wales as listed by the Law Society of the United Kingdom. There are Welsh law firms listed below who handle immigration to the United Kingdom.

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UK Work Visa – Fees

British ConsulateIf you are planning on working in the UK then these are the fees for the visa and application process. You will need to speak to your UK employer or the British Embassy as to the process and cost. Most time the businesses tend to pay for these. You can also speak to a UK attorney who specialises in UK Immigration procedures.

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