Dependent Relative Visa

British ConsulateMany tend to take their parents back with them to the United Kingdom. The dependent relative visa is meant for people who are not your spouse, fiancee or child. Your spouse would need a marriage visa and your child would be a British citizen or would need to apply for a UK dependent visa.

UK Visa

Dependent Relative Visa

You would qualify for admission to the UK for settlement if you fall within one of the following categories of relatives for this visa:

  • Parent aged 18 years or over; or
  • Grandparent; or
  • Brother or sister aged 18 years or over; or
  • Son or daughter aged 18 years or over.

Remember that this is a dependent visa which means the person who is applying needs to do this from outside of the United Kingdom and they need to be dependent on you. The conditions are:

  • The application is based on age, illness or disability they require long-term personal care;
  • They are unable to obtain the required level of care in the country where they are living;
  • They are located outside the United Kingdom when making an application;
  • They have not fallen or refused under the General grounds of refusal;
  • They will not accept public funds.

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