British Embassy in Tonga

British ConsulatePlease note that there is no British Embassy in Tonga and you will have to obtain advice from the British High Commission in Fiji. Note the emergency telephone number below if you need assistance after being arrested or after being attacked or involved in an accident or the victim of a crime. Note that they do not handle visa inquiries.

Urgent assistance

If you are in Tonga and you urgently need consular assistance (eg if you’ve been attacked, arrested or there has been a death), call +679 3304766 on the 24-hour helpline number.


You need to renew your British passport online and you can see here how to do that. If you have a BNO passport then you can see here how to renew that passport. Note that the British Embassy and British High Commissions no longer do this service.

British Birth Abroad:

You need to do this yourself as well. This needs to be done by post. See here which documents need to be completed and where you will need to send the documents.


Incoming search terms:

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