Azerbaijan Travel Advice

I wrote this on the Azerbaijan Travel Advice for you to understand the dangers. Likewise the areas where FCDO advises against travel include Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas. Check with them again as the situation might change for the worst.  The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against all travel to Nagorno-Karabakh, the districts (‘rayons’) of Zengilan, Jabrayil, Qubadli, Lachin, and Kelbajar on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border. Likewise the western areas of the rayons of Khojavand, Fuzuli, and Aghdam. Additionally, the FCDO advises against all travel to within 5km of the Azerbaijan-Armenia border.

Azerbaijan Travel Advice

Regarding UK government support, help for British nationals is extremely limited in Nagorno-Karabakh. Likewise with the British Embassy in Azerbaijan is unable to provide in-person support in these areas.

Likewise you will note that before you travel. It’s very important to note that no travel can be guaranteed safe. Thus, it’s recommended to read all the advice provided and consider specific guidance for different types of travelers. These types of travellers are women, disabled individuals, LGBT+ individuals, solo travelers. Likewise there are also those engaged in volunteering or adventure travel. Furthermore, I would strongly suggest that you obtain the appropriate travel insurance that covers your itinerary, planned activities, and emergency expenses is crucial.

The FCDO likewise provides travel advice as well as help to you the British national making informed decisions. Likewise, those and travelers are encouraged to follow and contact FCDO travel on social media platforms for updates.I would suggest this before any travel abroad. Likewise see more travel advice on here.

Entry Requirements 

Note that the terms of entry requirements, travelers should be aware of the rules set and enforced by Azerbaijani authorities. If you are not sure that contact the Azerbaijani Embassy in the UK for clarification. COVID-19 testing or vaccination requirements are not currently in place for travelers entering Azerbaijan.

British Passport

Passport validity requirements vary depending on visitor or resident status, and travelers should ensure their passports meet these requirements to avoid denial of entry. Additionally, travelers who have previously visited areas of Nagorno-Karabakh without Azerbaijani authorities’ permission could face refusal of entry to Azerbaijan.

Visa Requirements for Azerbaijan 

Visa requirements include obtaining a visa through the ASAN Visa (e-visa) service. Likewise there are also options for standard or urgent processing. E-visas typically allow for a single entry and a 30-day visit within a 90-day validity period. Extensions for visas can be applied for through the State Migration Service, with overstay penalties applicable if necessary.

Furthermore, travelers staying in Azerbaijan for more than 15 days. You must register with the State Migration Service, either online or in person. Note that with hotels, they often providing this service for guests. Additionally, there are strict customs rules regarding goods entering or leaving Azerbaijan. Travelers must declare any items that may be prohibited, subject to tax, or duty. It’s recommended to follow guidance from airlines regarding declared items. Likeiws eoyu might be interested in the article that I wrote on Hong Kong Travel Advice as well.

Your mobile phone

If bringing a mobile phone or tablet into the country for the first time. You will note that all travelers must complete an online declaration and present it to customs officials upon arrival. They will need to provide the IMEI number of their mobile device. Failure to declare the device or register a local SIM card for more than 30 days may result in network connectivity issues and device locking. Read other articles on here that I wrote on Hong Kong BNO Renewal.


Exporting antiques or art, such as carpets or paintings, requires an export certificate. Travelers can obtain these certificates from their vendor or from the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum.

Azerbaijan does not permit individuals aged 18 or over to hold dual nationality. Holding both an Azerbaijani passport and a passport of a different nationality may lead to refusal of entry, denial of departure, or even criminal liability. Travelers with British-Azerbaijani dual nationality should verify their status with the State Migration Service before traveling.

Children aged 17 and under holding a second nationality should not encounter any difficulties.

Safety and Security

The measures are also highlighted, including the global threat of terrorism affecting UK interests and British nationals. Remain vigilant at all times and familiarize yourself with procedures in the event of a terrorist attack. Terrorism in Azerbaijan cannot be ruled out, and attacks could target civilian locations frequented by foreigners.

Regarding the political situation, while Azerbaijan is generally calm, demonstrations and opposition rallies can occur. Avoid large gatherings and illegal demonstrations, and stay informed about local developments that may trigger disturbances.

Tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh have eased since 2023, but FCDO advises against all travel to the area due to past military and political conflicts.

Crime levels in Baku are typically low, but travelers should be cautious, especially regarding theft and card skimming. Report any crimes to local authorities, and be cautious of government officials requesting undocumented payments.

Azerbaijan is a secular society, though most of the population is Muslim. Respect local laws and customs, carry identification documents at all times, and adhere to dress codes, especially during Ramadan.

Transport risks, including road travel and rail travel, are highlighted, with recommendations for safe driving practices and precautions for securing valuables while using public transportation.

In case of emergencies in Azerbaijan, the following contact numbers are available:

  • – Ambulance: Dial 103
  • – Fire services: Dial 101
  • – Police: Dial 102

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