British Immigration 2013

British ConsulateSee a review on British Immigration 2013. A look at the year in review from the stats released by the British government makes for interesting reading. The bulk of visa extension had been from a handful of countries making up 68% of the visa extensions.

British Immigration 2013

The following countries my up 68% of the British visa extensions which has been listed below. Of the total of  244,300 applications which has been granted for an extension of stay in 2010, 64% (156,000) were to Asian nationals and 16% (39,600) were to African nationals.


Of these 45,300 came from India where they had applied at either the British High Commission in New Delhi in India, British Deputy High Commission Hyderabad, British Deputy High Commission Bangalore, British Deputy High Commission Kolkata or the British Deputy High Commission in Mumbai. Also a total of 37,436 got granted settlement in  the UK. See also the no objection letter for marriage in India as well as the

China #2

With 40,900 applications granted China makes up the second biggest group behind India. These came via the British Embassy in Beijing and the British Embassy in Hong Kong. They are the second biggest group of people. a total of 14,616 got settlement status in the UK as well.

Pakistan #3

Pakistan comes in 3rd place with 22,000 applications granted coming via the British Embassy in Pakistan. Their applications had been about half that of the Chinese nationals. There had also been 21,382 settlements granted for the UK.

Nigeria #4

The Nigerians totaled 6,200 applications granted and came via the British High Commission in Nigeria to the UK. There has also been 10,031 people who got settlement.

Bangladesh #5

With 9,000 people applying for their extension of stay having come to the UK via the British High Commission in Bangladesh.

Philippines #6

With a total of 8,000 applications from Filipino’s who arrived via the British Embassy in Manila. There had also been a total of 9,934 settlements granted.

USA #7

There has been a trickle of people for the USA staying on in the UK with only 6,400 applications making it to being granted. These coming visa the British Embassy in Washington in the US.

Turkey #8

Turkey trails in at the end with 6,300 people who applied for their initial visa at the British Embassy in Turkey.

Sri Lanka #9

Near the bottom of those granted was a total of 6,300 from Sri Lanka who applied for the initial visa via the British High Commission in Sri Lanka. There was also 9,422 settlements granted during this time.

Thailand #10

Finishing off this listed is the 4,900 Thai nationals who extended their stay in the UK. They applied for their initial visa at the British Embassy in Bangkok. See also the affirmation of marriage Thailand or British embassy Bangkok marriage as well.

These Top 10 made as stated 68% of the total grants for extension of stay in the UK during this period. Likewise there had also been a number of other arrivals in the UK. There had also been granted settlement status to 7,532 South Africans (rather small considering South Africa is in the middle of a low level civil war), 7,066 from Iraq, 8,401 from Iran and believe it or not – 9,848 from Zimbabwe (let me rather keep my mouth). There is also the Thailand lawyers directory much like the immigration lawyer Thailand pages as well.


That’s is for the stats released for 2010.

Year ending March 2012 Year ending March 2011 Percentage change
Before entry visitor visas issued 1.7 million 1.6 million +9%
Admissions (journeys) 106.2 million 102.2 million +4%
Extensions – grants 276,642 308,122 -10%
Settlement – grants 148,144 226,478 -35%
Citizenship – grants 175,298 195,369 -10%
January to March 2012 January to March 2011 Percentage change
Asylum applications (1) 4,818 4,844 -1%
Total removals and voluntary departures (2) 13,386 14,224 -6%

That’s it – its a rap for the year in review!



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