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Notarial Services in Singapore

British ConsulateIf you are in Singapore and need the services of the British High Commission in Singapore then see what type of assistance they can offer you. Over the last 4 years many of the services have been removed and they will now only do a limited amount of services compared to before. Notarial services was one of the first services they started to minimise.

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Notarial Services in Hong Kong

British ConsulateThe British Consulate in Hong Kong can provide a range of notarial and documentary services for British nationals in Hong Kong and Macao. Note however that they will not provide the service where others can provide it. See the list of Notaries in Hong Kong listed below.

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List of Lawyers in Thailand

British ConsulateThe following is a list of lawyers in Thailand who may be able to assist you with moving to Thailand. The firms listed below are well known in Thailand and will be able to assist in property as well as in other legal matters such as immigration.

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Thailand: Notarial and Documentary Services

British ConsulateNote that the British Embassy in Bangkok can assist you with the following issues which you might be having in Thailand. Note that you must make an appointment for each service which is required. Ensure that you have the correct service before booking. If you are getting married in Thailand then you will need to have a “Letter of Affirmation” for this and need to speak to the correct department.

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Zimbabwe : Notarial and Documentary Services

British ConsulateThe following is for notarial services and documentary services offered to British citizens located in Zimbabwe. The British High Commission in Zimbabwe has listed the following on the FCO website. Note that these can change and you should always email the High Commission to check if you require more documents. Note the travel advice on Zimbabwe.

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