Thailand Notarial Services

British Consulate

You will nee d public notary in Thailand such as the Thailand Notarial Services explains. Note that the British Embassy in Bangkok can assist you with the following issues which you might be having in Thailand. Note that you must make an appointment for each service which is required. Ensure that you have the correct service before booking. If you are getting married in Thailand then you will need to have a “Letter of Affirmation” for this and need to speak to the correct department.

Thailand Notarial Services

The following is what they can assist you with:

  • administer an oath, affirmation or affidavit
  • witness a signature
  • make a certified copy of a document
  • unite documents
  • letter confirming pension/income for retirement visa in Thailand (Postal application only)

Note that the above will be issued in Thailand however you need to bring the correct documents for this. If you are getting married you will have to have a copy of your divorce decree or death certificate of your late wife before they issue a Letter of Affirmation.

What to bring to your appointment

The British Embassy in Bangkok will only accept Visa, MasterCard, or cash in the local currency (Thai Baht) for payments at the Embassy. They will also need proof of your identity such as your passport and if proof of address is needed then they will accept a utility bill or local drivers licence. Note that the Embassy will not draft letter or documents for you. You will need a law firm or attorney in Thailand to draft this for you. See a lawyer who is a notary public in Thailand.


Service Fee
Affidavit or affirmation for marriage £50

The following is a template from the British Embassy in Thailand for registering a marriage. Note that if you changed your name in the UK then you will also need proof of this name change.

Thailand Letter of Affirmation:

pdf32Letter of Affirmation

Note that since same-sex marriages are not allowed in Thailand the Embassy cannot issue a letter of affirmation for this type of marriage even if it occurs in a third country.

Thailand Affirmation of residency

In order to obtain an affirmation of residency you will need to bring proof of identity such as your passport as well as proof of your address in Thailand such as a utility bill. Note that if you wish the Embassy to witness a signature then the same would be required as well.

Make a certified copy of a document

The following can be certified however the cost will depend on the amount of pages that are going to be certified. The following is what would be required:

  • British passports: By appointment only
  • UK degree certificates: By postal application or appointment
  • British driving licenses: By appointment only

Note that they are unable to certify photocopies of British marriage, divorce, criminal record, name change, birth and death certificates.

Consular letter confirming pension for retirement visa in Thailand

The following will need to be completed in order for the Embassy to provide you with your letter of income from a British pension. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information in this regard as the application process can become complex. See also the List of Lawyers in Thailand as well as the Marriage in Thailand – Affirmation as well.


pdf32Pension Letter

If you are not certain as to how to proceed with the legal requirements for retirement or marriage in Thailand then contact an attorney in Thailand for more information and assistance.

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