Notary Public Zimbabwe

British Consulate

See the Notary Public Zimbabwe here. The following is for notarial services and documentary services offered to British citizens located in Zimbabwe. The British High Commission in Zimbabwe has listed the following on the FCO website. Note that these can change and you should always email the High Commission to check if you require more documents. Note the travel advice on Zimbabwe.

Notary Public Zimbabwe

What to bring to your appointment

If you are going to the High Commission in Zimbabwe then you will require proof of your address in the country. The following is normally accepted as proof of residence in the country.

  • They¬†accept passports as proof of identity.
  • They¬†accept a letter from your place of employment or doctor certifying your place of residence

Payments at the High Commission

Note that the British High Commission will only accept US Dollars as payment. Note that fees for consular certificates and documents are not refundable if they are not accepted by the authority you are dealing with. You can find a list on consular fees listed on this website.

Services Offered

The following services are offered outside of the normal consular assistance. The High Commission can witness a signature for you. Note that they do not handle last will and testament or get involved in probate. You will need to speak to an attorney in Zimbabwe for this or manage your legal affairs with a solicitor in Wales or a solicitor in Scotland. Search this website for a list of lawyers in Zimbabwe for more information. Note that this list is not a recommendation but simply a list of law firms in Zimbabwe.

Police clearance certificates

Note that they do not issue police clearance certificates.



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