Travel Advice Zimbabwe

British ConsulateThis is the Travel Advice Zimbabwe. The following is a basic break down of travel advice fro the British Home Office for British citizens abroad. The following is a break down of Zimbabwe and the travel advice for the country with some basic issues covered. If you are in need of assistance while in Zimbabwe then contact the British High Commission in Zimbabwe

for advice and assistance.

Travel Advice Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe dollar is out of circulation and US Dollar. South African Rands are mainly used. Credit Cards are not widely accepted so bring US dollars with you to Zimbabwe or bring South Africans Rands. With the Rand so unstable, US dollars might be the best option. It is also widely available overseas before you travel. The use of ATM’s is available to draw money but you will not find many of them outside of the main cities. So you should not depend on them entirely. Note that it is best to bring loads of small US dollar notes and getting change is going to be a problem.


In Zimbabwe with its chronic fuel and electricity problems. The healthcare is not up to standard. Ensure that you have travel insurance and including evacuation insurance. This as trauma care is going to be difficult to find in the country. Note that 15% of the population is HIV positive. So engaging in risky behavior will not be something you would want to get up to in Zimbabwe. There have not been major outbreaks in Zimbabwe in 2014. There was a small number of East African Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness) in Zambia and Tanzania in 2013 and a small number of tourists in 2012 and 2013 in Zimbabwe while on safari had been infected.

Local Laws

Taking photos of government buildings and other military buildings is not allowed. There are laws against indecency, which effectively make homosexuality illegal in Zimbabwe. Penalties for possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs are strict and offenders can expect heavy fines or jail sentences. Note that wearing camouflage clothing is illegal in Zimbabwe.

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