British Nationals Abroad : Insurance Stats

British Consulate

British Nationals Abroad : Insurance Stats. This year the British Embassy in Bangkok has again highlighted the issue of insurance while abroad. The FCO has come up with the latest stats for insurance issues while Brits are abroad. Always ensure that you have proper travel insurance when you go abroad. It is your responsibility.

British Nationals Abroad : Insurance Stats


That is the amount of people who traveled abroad in 2012 who had no insurance. This was across all the age groups. The teenage market however is far worst.


That was the percentage of 15-24 year old’s who traveled abroad who had no insurance. This might be because they think that the British Embassy abroad will pay the bill for them.


That is the percentage of people who traveled abroad without insurance who think that the British Government will pay their hospitals bills for them. Hence insurance is not needed.


Top 9 Countries where most Consular Assistance is required

1. Philippines
2. Thailand
3. Jamaica
4. Pakistan
5. Cyprus
6. Greece
7. India
8. Spain
9. New Zealand



 That’s the amount of people who don’t realise that without travel insurance they are liable for all their medical bills abroad


Thats the total percentage of people who admitted that they could not pay a £10,000 hospital bill abroad. Yet have not fully thought about their insurance.


Fall resulting in a broken hip, treatment in a Spanish hospital with return flights


Stomach bug/infection treated in a Californian hospital with return flights


Always ensure that you have proper medical cover in the event of an accident. Dont do drugs and stay within the laws of where you are. Small amounts (500 grams) of cannabis in Singapore could get you charged as a drug trafficker.



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