BNO and Hong Kong residents

Lets explain the BNO and Hong Kong residents. There have been a number of changes with regards to the BNO passports when it comes to the British government. Every week there has been new ideas and changes which they wish to make. The latest views come from Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the status of the BNO passport holders as well as the fate of others in Hong Kong.

BNO and Hong Kong residents

He stated that if China imposes its national security law which has been the source of all the current riots in Hong Kong then the British government will change our immigration rules. He now wants BNO passport holders to be able to enter the United Kingdom for a renewable period of 12 months. These new rules also had to get further rights such as the right to work in the UK which would then put then on route to British citizenship.

The BNO passports were created in 1985  for Hong Kong citizens born prior to Hong Kong’s handover in 1997. These BNO holders has not been British Citizens but could visit Britain for 6 months without the need of a visa. BNO holders could not settle in the UK permanently.

There are currently around 350,000 BNO holders. This  and a further 2.5 million who could apply and would be eligible. Last year there had been 120,000 BNO passport renewals compared to only 14,000 in 2018. See also BNO issues.

BNO Renewal

Some members of Parliament want to grant BNO holders the right of abode. However PM Johnson stopped short of that. He also did not say whether family members of BNO holders will be eligible to apply for BNO status as we know that currently they are not.

Even if your BNO has expired you can still renew the passport as the status is not lost. There is a page on this website explaining how to renew your BNO passport in Hong Kong. Read through that to see the process.

If you or a family member has been registered for BN(O) status before the cut off in 1997. This or have ever held a BN(O) passport, even if it is expired. I would recommend that you apply to renew it as a matter of urgency. See also the BNO passport issues on here.



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