China will ‘no longer recognise’ BNO passport

So we see that the China will ‘no longer recognise’ BNO passport. The Chinese government has stated that it will no longer recognise the BNO passport for Hong Kongers. This at a time when Britain prepares to welcome millions of Hong Kong residents. This from its former colony after the security crack down. This has now occurred since the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has stated. That Britain will provide sanctuary for Hong Kong residents. See how to renew your BNO passport on this website.

China will ‘no longer recognise’ BNO passport

Those who hold a BNO passport which is a legacy from the 1997 handover. Will not be able to apply to live and work in Britain for 5 years and then apply for British citizenship. “I am immensely proud that we have brought in this new route for Hong Kong BNOs to live, work and make their home in our country,” Johnson said in a statement. When this was announced the Chinese followed with their own statement. “From January 31, China will no longer recognise the so-called BNO passport as a travel document and ID document, and reserves the right to take further actions,” foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters.

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In 2012 the South China Morning Post wrote a good article on BNO renewal and how this affects the more than 3.4 million citizens of Hong Kong. See also BNO visa free countries.

BNO and Hong Kong residents

BNO Renewal Procedure

This is how to renew your BNO passport. See what is needed to renew your passport while in Hong Kong. Ensure that your passport is still valid so you too can take advantage of this opportunity for you and your family. The process is easy enough to understand. See also the BNO renewal process.



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