BNO Passports – Will it work?

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BNO Passports – Will it work? An interest thought has come up with regards to the BNO passport and if it will ever amount to anything and should it allow Hong Kong residents the right to abode in Britain without creating a new problem that many do not think about. Chinese citizens are not allowed to legally hold dual citizenship and the Chinese government has shown that they have no issue revoking citizenship of Chinese nationals with dual nationalities.

BNO Passports – Will it work?

The SCMP noted that from 2013 to June 2014, the Ministry of Public Security cancelled the household registration documents of more than a million people who had multiple ID cards or dual citizenship. These have been only mainland citizens and has not applied to residents of Macau or Hong Kong.

Nobody is sure why this was done as Chinese from the mainland have left for foreign countries in larger numbers than ever before. According the the UN 4.1 million Chinese left in 1990 and 9.3 million left in in 2013. There is of course that it is part of the Chinese anti corruption campaign. So there are more people with possible dual nationality than ever before. Holding onto the Chinese passport allows them to still do business on the mainland.

Now, should BNO holders be allowed dual citizenship. Would the Chinese government also extend this crack down on BNO passport holders. But for different reasons and how would this affect Hong Kong?  Its a train of thought that I have not read about before. If the mainland felt that Britain by extending the BNO to allow for abode in the UK interferes in Chinese internal affairs. Would the Chinese government crack down on the new dual passport holders and would this make Hong Kong unstable? The answer would be that Britain will never do this. Mainly as they never intended Hong Kong residents to become British nationals.



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