Travel Advice for Trinidad and Tobago

British ConsulatePlanning on visiting the Caribbean? Many countries in the area are currently experiencing a problem with cases of the Chikungunya virus which have been confirmed. The same goes for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Each year as many as 30,000 British nationals visit the country without much incidents. If you need assistance then you need to contact the British Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago for assistance.


The country has high levels of violent crime including murder. These are especially in parts of the capital Port of Spain (Laventille, Morvant and Barataria). There have also been robberies and other crimes targeting tourists. If you are landing at Piarco International airport then you will note that there have been a number of incidents with gangs following arrivals and committing crimes along the road to the city centre. Throwing stones at cars to get them to stop and to rob the occupants are also not uncommon coming from the airport.

Not uncommon are crimes including rape, assault, robbery and theft have taken place inside route taxis. do not take these taxis ever. Use hotel taxis and pre-booked taxis while in the country. Dont carry large amounts of cash or eye-catching jewellery. Dont go out at night and as a woman always travel in small groups and never alone. There has been at least 1 instance of violent sexual assault in the Chaguaramas/Macqueripe area which occurred during the middle of the day.

Violent crime in Tobago is rare however 2 German tourists were murdered on 22 November 2014, on Minister’s Bay in the Bacolet area. Dont walk alone in deserted areas even during the day and ensure that your living accommodation is secure.

Local Laws

Note that camouflage clothing is illegal as well as homosexuality. Dont carry anyone’s luggage and always pack your own bags. Drugs are illegal and unknowingly being targeted by drug traffickers do occur. You dont need a visa as a British national as you can enter the country for 90 days.


Note that 1.5% of the adult population is HIV positive. That is 5 times higher than the UK. If you need an ambulance you can call or dial 990 for assistance. Dengure fever does occur in the area so always ensure that you have medical insurance such as travel insurance. Medical facilities can be limited in the country and anything serious would need a transfer to Miami in the US.

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