British Embassy in Nicaragua

British Consulate

This is the British Embassy in Nicaragua. If you are in Nicaragua or in Costa Rica as a British national then you will find the British embassy located in San Jose in Costa Rica. This Embassy covers both countries in South America. If you need to register a marriage in Costa Rica or Nicaragua then this is where it is done. You can also register a death or a birth at this embassy.

British Embassy in Nicaragua

We have listed the details below being the telephone numbers, location and a map to the British Embassy in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. If you are applying for a British visa then see the timelines for a British visa in these countries.

If you’re planning to travel abroad or move to the UK, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary documentation in order. One of the first steps is to track passport application progress and make sure it’s being processed in a timely manner. If you’re applying for a UK visa, it’s also important to stay on top of the application process and ensure that you’ve submitted all the required documents. Additionally, if you’re a British citizen and your passport has expired, you can renew your British passport online. Finally, if you’re getting married in the UK and your partner is from outside the country, you may need to apply for a UK marriage visa to bring them into the country. Keeping track of all these steps and deadlines is essential to ensure a smooth process.

Additionally they can issue certificates of no impediment, affirmations or affidavits of marital status. Also in some cases also perform a marriage or civil partnership for British nationals. They may be able to offer notarial services, including administering an oath or affirmations.

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British Embassy in Nicaragua


British Embassy in Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Edificio Centro Colón,
Paseo Colón and Streets 38 and 40
San Jose
Costa Rica



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