British Embassy in Chile

British Consulate

The British Embassy in Chile is near the Atton Hotel in Santiago. This British Embassy can assist with British visas and can also is a British visitors visa for your holiday, a fiancee visa for your Chilean girlfriend or a British spouse visa for your Chilean wife while in Chile. The telephone numbers and contact details have been listed below so that you may contact them by telephone or email.

British Embassy in Chile

There is also a street address and a map so you may locate them easily. Note the operating hours for the British Embassy in Chile as you can apply for a British passport during theses times as well if you have lost yours or register your children born abroad.

If you lose your British passport while in Gambia, report the incident to the Chilean police to get a case number. You can also contact the emergency number in the UK for assistance. Once you have the case number, take it to the British Embassy to obtain a temporary passport or apply for a new British passport while in the country. The temporary passport will enable you to leave the country. You can also track passport application online, but if you are a Chilean resident, you will need to wait for a new passport. Additionally, make sure to transfer your old Chilean visa to your new passport.

If you plan to get married in Gambia, you must obtain a letter from the Embassy to confirm your single status. This process typically takes a few days and requires your original divorce decree or death certificate of your previous spouse. After obtaining the letter, it must be authenticated by the Chilean government, translated, and certified. You can then use these documents to register your marriage in Chile. Notary assistance is also available.

British Embassy in Chile

See also the British Embassy in Beijing and the British Embassy in Colombia and the British Embassy in Kinshasa.


British Embassy in Santiago

Avda. El Bosque Norte 0125
Las Condes
Santiago, Chile



Office Hours: GMT (Oct-Mar) Lun-Jue:1200-2030 Vie: 1200-1600 (Mar-Oct) Lun-Jue: 1300-2130 Vie: 1300-1700

Hora Local: (Oct-Mar): Lun-Jue: 0900-1730 Vie: 0900-1300 (Mar-Oct): Lun-Jue: 0900-1730 Vie: 0900-1300


Public Holidays in Chile (British Embassy)

This is a listing of all the public holidays in Chile. The British Embassy in Santiago might have more holidays added as they normally add British national holidays as well like other Embassies globally. Check with the British embassy by email or telephone call before you go to Santiago to see them. The contact details are above of the embassy. See also the TB test for UK visa in Delhi as well as the British Consulate Hong Kong.

Month Day English Name Local Name
January 1 (Sunday) New Year’s Day Año Nuevo
April 6 (Friday) Good Friday Viernes Santo
7 (Saturday) Holy Saturday Sábado Santo
May 1 (Tuesday) Labour Day Día del Trabajo
21 (Monday) Navy Day Día de las Glorias Navales
July 2 (Monday) Saint Peter and Saint Paul San Pedro y San Pablo
16 (Monday) Our Lady of Mount Carmel Virgen del Carmen
August 15 (Wednesday) Assumption of Mary Asunción de la Virgen
September 17 (Monday) “Bridge” holiday Fiestas Patrias
18 (Tuesday) National holiday Fiestas Patrias
19 (Wednesday) Army Day Día de las Glorias del Ejército
October 15 (Monday) Columbus Day Día del Descubrimiento de Dos Mundos
28 (Sunday) Municipal election Elecciones Municipales
November 1 (Thursday) All Saints Día de Todos los Santos
2 (Friday) Reformation Day Día Nacional de las Iglesias Evangélicas y Protestantes
December 8 (Saturday) Immaculate Conception Inmaculada Concepción
25 (Tuesday) Christmas Day Navidad / Natividad del Señor
31 (Monday) Banking holiday Feriado bancario de fin de año


British Visa in Chile:

The Embassy does have service standards for processing UK visa applications in Chile. Their standards say that they will process:

  • 90 % of non-settlement applications within 3 weeks, 98% within 6 weeks and 100% within 12 weeks
  • 95 % of settlement applications within 12 weeks and 100% within 24 weeks of the application date.



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