British Embassy in Kinshasa

British Consulate

See the details for the British Embassy in Kinshasa here. Kinshasa is the capital city of the Congo and this is where the British Embassy is located. The embassy is close to the German Embassy and Swedish Embassy in Kinshasa. If you want to apply for a tourist visa for the UK or if you are married to a British national and wish to apply for a UK spouse visa or if you are the girlfriend of a British national and wish to get married in the UK then you can apply for a UK fiancee visa.

British Embassy in Kinshasa

This embassy will also allow you to apply for a British passport, or allow you to renew your British passport in Kinshasa. You may also register your child at the Embassy as a British national.

If you lose your British passport while in Kinshasa, you should report it to the Kinshasa police to get a case number. You can also contact the emergency number in the UK for assistance. After obtaining a case number, you must take it to the British Embassy to obtain a temporary passport or apply for a new one. Likewise see the renew British passport online. The temporary passport will enable you to leave the country, but if you are a resident of Kinshasa, you will need to wait for a new passport. Additionally, don’t forget to transfer your old Congolese visa to your new passport. Additionally see the UK visa application as well.

If you plan to get married in Gambia, you need to obtain a letter from the Embassy to confirm that you are single. This process generally takes a few days and necessitates presenting your original documents, such as your divorce decree or your previous spouse’s death certificate. The Congolese government must verify and translate the letter, and it must be certified before you can register your marriage in Kinshasa. You may also seek notary assistance for this process. Additionally see the US Embassy in Kinshasa as well. Additionally see the marriage visa UK requirements.

British Embassy in Kinshasa

Additionally see the British Embassy in Costa Rica and the British Embassy in Croatia and the British Embassy in Cuba.


British Embassy in Kinshasa

83 Avenue du Roi Baudouin
Kinshasa, Congo
City: Kinshasa


  • Phone: +243 81 556 6200
  • Fax: +243 81 346 4291
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: Local Time: Mon-Thur: 0730-1430 Fri: 0730-1400
  • Out of Hours:  Embassy answer machine gives a contact number
  • Consular assistance (24 hour) : +243 81 556 6200

Use the contact form for consular enquiries:



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