Travel Advice Algeria

See the Travel Advice Algeria. The advisory is the collection of country information from a number of embassies who from time to time update their travel advisory for a country. These are from the US Embassy, British Embassy and also from the Canadian Embassy websites. Before you travel always send an email to the Embassy to ask advice about travel in the country as situations can change overnight.

Travel Advice Algeria

See the contact details for the US Embassy in Algeria, Canadian Embassy in Algeria and also the British Embassy in Algeria and email them for more information on the contact details. Always ensure that you know where you embassy is located in country. See also the national day of Algeria as well as the Canadian Embassy in Algeria.

Travel Advisories

When visiting Algeria you are advised to stay in the city center and not to travel into the country side. There have been a number of terrorist attacks and bandit activities and also a number of kidnappings in the region of Kabylia, which also includes such areas as the Wilayas (provinces) of Tizi Ouzou, Bouira, Boumerdes and Bejaia. you will note that on January 16, 2013, terrorists also attacked Western corporations in the oil fields.


There is petty crime in the lower parts of the capital city¬†Algiers and you are best advised not to flash any electronic equipment (Ipad, mobile phone) and to keep your electronic items hidden. don’t walk around at night and stay clear of the Casbah area of Algiers as muggings are very common. Women traveling alone is not recommended as harassment is common and it not a good place for women and their safety.


Outside of Algiers the road conditions are horrible and signposts are not found on a regular bases. Traffic rules in the city don’t exist and driving in congested traffic is common. Random roadblocks are common outside of the city being run by bandits and it is best to keep your goods in the trunk of the car and your doors locked at all times. Murder at these roadblocks are not uncommon.

Public Transportation

Its one of those things you don’t use in Algeria. Always ensure that you have arranged for you to be collected at the airport in Algiers. Don’t take the public transport or even the taxis or you will more likely than not experience trouble. Desert travel is also not recommended especially near the Libyan border.

Medical services and facilities

There are a number of private hospitals in Algiers where the health facilities are good enough. Hospitals and doctors will always insist on cash and travel insurance you will have to apply for a refund later.

Dress and behavior

Don’t do drugs or anything illegal as you don’t want to end up in an Algerian prison. Always dress conservatively, behave discreetly, and always respect religious and social traditions to avoid conflict. Women are best served by covering their heads arms and legs. As stated above its not a country for women to travel alone in.


Firstly the currency of Algeria is the Algerian dinar (DZD) and cash is accept everywhere. Secondly credit cards are only used by the major hotels in Algiers. Lastly the ATM system is unreliable and only available in the major hotels.

Disasters & Climate

Algeria is in a seismic area and the seasonal rains do cause flooding.

Overall Algeria is not a location for the faint-heated and it is not recommended for women traveling on their own.  Always contact your embassy in Algeria for advice before you leave home and ensure that they know where you are staying while in country!



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