Travel Advice Swaziland

British Consulate

This is the Travel Advice Swaziland. Note that there is no British high Commission in Swaziland and you would need to contact the British High Commission in South Africa for advice and assistance. The crime rate in Swaziland is low however be careful when out and about in the country. Always visit the outlaying regions in a group and be careful after dark in downtown areas of  Mbabane and Manzini.

Travel Advice Swaziland

There have been incidents of car hijacking at night on the main roads between Swaziland and South Africa as well as the connecting roads to Mozambique. Do not stop to assist apparently distressed motorists as this is a common way to hijack in Swaziland. Leave your valuables in a safe place and don’t carry to much cash. It is a developing country in Africa and you need to use common sense.

Local laws and customs

Drugs are illegal much like elsewhere and male homosexuality is illegal in the country.

Entry requirements

You do not need a visa for Swaziland as a British national. You may enter the country for 30 days as a visa waiver is in place for British passport holders. You can extend this visa waiver at the Swaziland Immigration Department in Mbabane. You will need to show a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate when entering the country for a Yellow Fever country.


Basic health care in Swaziland is available however medical evacuation to South Africa is necessary for serious accidents and emergencies. You will need to have proper medical insurance as well as funds in such an event. HIV AIDS is a major problem in Swaziland as the infection rate is 26% of the population while the UK by comparison is only 0.2% to give you an idea of the problem. If you need medical assistance then call 933 in country for an ambulance.


This is very important. The local currency the Emalangeni is not convertible. Its use it or lose it. They do however accept South African Rand as legal tender in Swaziland. Credit cards are accepted and there are ATM’s in the country.


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