Travel Advice Switzerland

British Consulate

Need Travel Advice Switzerland. More than 700,000 British nationals visit Switzerland each year without much incident. Switzerland does have petty theft in the major cities. There is also the risk of avalanches so you should always check with the local news for information on the weather and take care when travelling. If you have any question then contact the British Embassy in Switzerland for advice, assistance and guidance.

Travel Advice Switzerland

Safety and Security

Switzerland has a a low rate of serious crime however there has been an increase in petty theft being reported. Pickpockets are not uncommon and scam artists are using letterheads of the British government to target people for their scams. If its to good to be true then you know it is a scam. Use common sense.

Local laws and Customs

Smoking has been banned all enclosed public spaces but also at work places in Switzerland. Certain smaller restaurants can obtain a smoking licence while the larger restaurants normally have a separate area for smoking.

Entry requirements

As a British passport holder you do not need a visa for Switzerland. Note also that UK Emergency Travel Documents are accepted for entry into Switzerland.


If you are visiting Switzerland then you need to ensure that you have a European Health Insurance Card. This can be in addition to travel insurance. Note that there is also the danger of tick bites from April to October. Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) cases do arise annually in the country. Measles is making a comeback in Switzerland so ensure that you have been vaccinated. If you need medical assistance and an ambulance then  dial 112 or 144 for medical assistance.

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