Travel Advice for St Lucia

British Consulate

Travel Advice for St Lucia is what you need. Each year more than 70,000 British nationals visit St Lucia in the Caribbean. If you are in need of assistance then speak to the British High Commission in St Lucia for help and other assistance. Note that much like the rest of the Caribbean the Chikungunya virus which is spread by mosquitoes is still a problem much like Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Samoa. Take all needed precautions and ensure you have travel insurance.

Travel Advice for St Lucia

Safety and Security

Most visits to St Lucia is trouble free however there has been an increase in armed robbery and sexual assault being reported. You need to be be vigilant at all times much like in the UK and don’t walk alone after dark on beaches or other remote areas. Much like other countries always use licensed taxis. leave all your valuable in a safe and dont carry large amounts of money. Also ensure that your accommodation is secure.

Local laws and customs

Pack your own luggage and don’t do drugs. Don’t  dress in camouflage clothing as it is illegal and certain homosexual acts are illegal in St Lucia.

Entry Requirements

You don’t need a visa when arriving with a British passport. When you arrive they will specify the time you are allowed to stay. Dont overstay your visa or work without a work permit. Your emergency travel document is accepted to travel into the country.  You need a Yellow Fever certificate if you have been in a country where there has been Yellow Fever. They may also be restriction for those who have travel through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone where there has been an Ebola threat.


Always ensure you have medical insurance. Dengue fever as well as the Chikungunya virus is a problem in the country. Always check pre-payment at hospitals as any serious problem will require a medivac so ensure that you have travel insurance. Medical treatment in St Lucia can be expensive. If you are in need of medical treatment then dial 911 for an ambulance. This is important travel advice for St Lucia.

Natural Disasters

Note that hurricane season in the Caribbean normally runs from June to November. Earthquakes are a potential threat and tremors are felt occasionally in the Caribbean. See also the article on Travel Advice for Trinidad and Tobago as well as the British Consulate in St. John’s and its contact address.



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