Translators and Interpreters in Hong Kong

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Translators and Interpreters in Hong Kong. The following list are a list of translators in Hong Kong. This list is not an endorsement of these companies and merely a courtesy of listing many of them. See the list of law firms in Hong Kong on this website as well as the British Consulate in Hong Kong. If you are going to renew your BNO passport then a translator might be needed as well.

Translators and interpreters in Hong Kong

Firstly note the contact numbers for these translators in Hong Kong and contact them to arrange an appointment to make use of their services. Secondly this is not an endorsement of any of these firms. Certified translation Hong Kong is a service offered by many professional translation companies in the region. Finally when it comes to official documents, such as legal agreements or academic transcripts. Also see the TB test Hong Kong page.

Likewise it is often necessary to have a certified translation in order to be recognized by government authorities and institutions. This is where a translation company in Hong Kong can come in handy, as they have a team of experienced translators who can provide accurate and reliable translations of these important documents.

Additionally with their expertise in multiple languages and understanding of the cultural nuances that come with translation, a reputable translation company in Hong Kong can help businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of international communication. See also shorten BNO naturalisation as well as BNO visa free countries.

Hong Kong Translation

Level 19, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2736 9622


Multilingual Translation Services

Room 1605, Universal Trade Centre, 3 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2581 9099

Fax: 2581 9066


Polyglot Translations

Unit 1201, The Workstation, 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2851 7232

Fax: 2545 9537



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