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If your child or children are born outside of the UK and you are British, you can now register the birth of the child at the nearest consulate in your country of stay or if there is no such service then you can contact our consular department in London if you’ve returned to the UK. You don’t have to do this, but if you do your child will have a British style document and details of the birth will be held at the General Register Office in the United Kingdom.

This is called a Consular birth registration. The document you obtain is not a UK birth certificate and should not be used as such. It does not replace the locally issued birth certificate which you would obtain when in the UK. Now this is very important about the registration process –  The consular birth registration does not confer British nationality and is not required to register your child as a British citizen or needed before you can apply for a British passport for the child. The reason for this is that British nationality is normally passed from a parent to the  child and your child(ren) must have an automatic claim to British nationality at birth in order to make a registration.

Before applying for consular birth registration

1. register the child with the local authorities first;

2. Once this is done then only can you apply for registration at the British Embassy.

The following countries are excluded:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of Ireland
  • South Africa
  • The British Overseas Territories


Birth Registration Form & Pamphlet

British Born Abroad


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