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British ConsulateIf your child or children are born outside of the UK and you are British, you can now register the birth of the child at the nearest consulate in your country of stay or if there is no such service then you can contact our consular department in London if you’ve returned to the UK. You don’t have to do this, but if you do your child will have a British style document and details of the birth will be held at the General Register Office in the United Kingdom.

This is called a Consular birth registration. The document you obtain is not a UK birth certificate and should not be used as such. It does not replace the locally issued birth certificate which you would obtain when in the UK. Now this is very important about the registration process –  The consular birth registration does not confer British nationality and is not required to register your child as a British citizen or needed before you can apply for a British passport for the child. The reason for this is that British nationality is normally passed from a parent to the  child and your child(ren) must have an automatic claim to British nationality at birth in order to make a registration.

Before applying for consular birth registration

1. register the child with the local authorities first;

2. Once this is done then only can you apply for registration at the British Embassy.

The following countries are excluded:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of Ireland
  • South Africa
  • The British Overseas Territories


Birth Registration Form & Pamphlet

British Born Abroad

Update : October 2014

(Download the new guide here)

The process of registering the births and deaths of British Citizens overseas will gradually be withdrawn from British Consulates during 2014. Thereafter registrations will be carried out in a central registration unit in the UK. The transfer of services will begin on 9 June 2014.

There are no changes to the entitlement to register a birth or death. The processing time will remain the same but you will need to allow extra time for documents to be sent to and from the UK. Consular birth registration is an optional service and is only available to those born overseas who have an automatic entitlement to British Nationality at birth.

You must send the original copies of:

  • the child’s full local birth certificate – it must have both parents’ names
  • the long version of the parent’s birth certificate showing the child’s grandparents’ details (for parents who were born in the UK)
  • the parent’s naturalisation or registration certificate (for parents who weren’t born in the UK)
  • the parents’ marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • evidence that the parents’ previous marriages or civil partnerships have ended (eg divorce or death certificates)
  • change of name documents (if either parent has ever changed their name)
  • a letter from the parent’s employer if they’re working abroad as a UK civil servant, EU civil servant, diplomat or member of HM Forces (for British parents)
  • written evidence if the parent was born overseas while one of their own parents was working abroad as a UK civil servant, EU civil servant, diplomat or member of HM Forces (for British parents)

You must also send photocopies of:

  • the photo page of the child’s British passport if they have one
  • the photo page of the parent’s current passport (for British parents)
  • the birth certificate or the photo page of the parent’s current passport (for parents who aren’t British)


You should pay online for the registration. Email birthregistrationenquiries@fco.gov.uk if you are unable to pay online.

The registration fee does not include any copies of the certificate, but you can order them at the same time. Cheaper copies will be available from the General Register Office or the National Records Office of Scotland, but only from September the year after you register. Once you’ve paid you will be given a reference number to use on your birth registration form. You’ll also be able to scan and email your documents to check that you have the right ones.


Service Fee
Register a birth £105
Copy of a birth registration certificate £65

You must also pay for your documents to be returned to you.

Postage destination Fee
UK £4.50
Europe £12.50
Rest of world £22


Send your registration

Post the registration form and documents by secure post to:

Overseas Registration Unit
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Hanslope Park
Milton Keynes
MK19 7BH
United Kingdom


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