Register a Death Abroad

British ConsulateIf you have to register a death while abroad then you need to obtain certain documents for the British embassy in the country where the person had died. The following is the process and the documents needed to register the death of a Brit abroad.

Register the death with the UK authorities

You can apply to register the death with the British High Commission or British embassy in the country where the death had occurred.You don’t have to do this, but it means:

  • a British-style death certificate will be issued
  • having the death registered at the General Registry Office in the UK

How to register

Download and complete a registration form.Download ‘Death registration form’ (DOC, 50KB)


You must provide originals and a photocopy of:

  • a local death certificate (not a certificate issued by a doctor)
  • the person’s passport
  • their full UK birth or registration certificate (if you can’t provide their passport)
  • written permission from the person’s next of kin (if you’re not next of kin or the executor)

If you provide their passport you should fill out form D1.

Download ‘Form D1’ (PDF, 25KB)

If the passport is lost or unavailable, fill out form LS01.

Download ‘Form LS01’ (PDF, 815KB)


Register a death
Copy of a death registration certificate

Firstly you normally have to pay fees for consular services in the local currency – these are shown in the list of consular fees. Secondly you can order copies of the registration certificate from the British high commission when you register the death. It takes about 5 working days for the death to be officially registered.

Finally see also the Death in Hong Kong (Expat & Tourist Information) article as well as Getting Married Abroad and Renew British Passport



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