British Embassy in Mongolia

British ConsulateUlaanbaatar is home to the British Embassy in Mongolia. The embassy can register a birth

of a child born abroad and can also register a marriage in Mongolia or a death of a British national. If you are married to a Mongolian you can apply for marriage visa in Mongolia or if you have a British fiancee you can apply for a fiancee visa.

British Embassy in Mongolia

You can also apply for a tourist visa while in Mongolia if you wish to visit the UK on holiday. Speak to the staff in Ulaanbaatar for more information. We have listed the timeline for a British visa in Mongolia. The details such as a map to the embassy, telephone number and email and contact details are listed below.

Likewise see the emergency travel document as well as the UK abroad passport renewal while abroad. You can also complete your passport tracking online. See also the British Embassy in Malaysia and the British Embassy in Indonesia. There is also the British Embassy in Hong Kong.


British Embassy in Mongolia


British Embassy Ulaanbaatar

Unit 1-3A, Level 19
Shangri-La Offices, Olympic Street 19A
Sukhbaatar District-1


Opening hours (Local time):
Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 1:00pm / 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Friday, 8:30am to 1:30pm

British Visa in Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar


For visit visas, the approval rates begin to increase notably after 10 days. Long Term Visit (more than 6 months), General Visit (6 months or less), Business Visit (6 months or less), Family Visit (6 months or less), and Other Visit (6 months or less) all reach 100% approval after 15 days. This indicates a careful evaluation process, with the majority of applications being approved within two weeks of processing.

In the Points Based System (PBS) Visas category, PBS Tier 4 visas show a gradual increase in approval rates, reaching 100% after 60 days. This suggests a detailed assessment process for this category, requiring a longer processing time for decisions to be made.

For other non-settlement visas, EEA Family Permits and Other Non-Settlement visas demonstrate quick approvals after 10 days, with all decisions being made within this time frame. This indicates an efficient and streamlined process for these specific visa types, ensuring swift decisions for applicants.

In summary, understanding the processing times is crucial for applicants. Longer durations often lead to higher approval rates, emphasizing the importance of patience and careful planning for individuals seeking British visas in Mongolia.



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