British Consulate in Vancouver

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If you are in the Consular area of Vancouver, Canada then you can call on the British Consulate in Vancouver for assistance. Note the operating hours of the consulate if you need to apply for a British passport if you no longer have one due to theft of loss. Wanting to take your Canadian wife back to the UK with a spouse visa or a fiancee visa if you are not married yet.

Maybe even a visitors visa for your friend or for you if you are not British. All these can be done at the British Consulate in Vancouver. The telephone numbers, street address and a map has been provided for your assistance.

British Consulate in VancouverBritish Consulate-General in Vancouver, Canada

Suite 800

1111 Melville Street

Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3V6


City: Vancouver

Phone: (1) 604 683 4421

Fax: (1) 604 681 0693


Office Hours: GMT: Mon-Fri: 1630-0030 Local Time: Mon-Fri: 0830-1630

*** If you need a visa for Britain then speak to the staff at the British Embassy in Ottawa for more help and assistance. This consulate is not setup for visas.


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