British nationals in Australia

British ConsulateThere are about 1.2 million British nationals (including dual nationals) living in Australia, and more than 620,000 British nationals visit Australia each year for the purposes of tourism. The British consulates in Australia help by providing advice, consular assistance and support to all British nationals when things do go wrong.

The British Embassy in Canberra is assisted by a number of British consulates in the country. The consulates include the British Consulate in SydneyMelbournePerth as well as Brisbane. The Embassy and the Consulates in Australia provide the following as an example:

  • They help and advise all British nationals who find themselves in difficulty due to crime or an accident or in the event that they have been arrested or fallen ill or someone has died.
  • They issue emergency travel documents in your British passport has been stolen or expired and who are travelling urgently.
  • They also conduct citizenship ceremonies as well as same-sex marriages and conversions from civil partnership to a same-sex marriage for a UK partner visa.

If you need assistance then contact the British Embassy in Canberra or any of the British Consulates in Australia for consular assistance or advice.

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