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British Embassy in Algeria

British ConsulateThe British Embassy in Algeria is in the capital city of Algiers. We have listed the telephone numbers, street address and also a map for the are around the British Embassy. Note that this British Embassy is closed on Fridays and Saturdays however they do operate on Sundays. Algeria is a Muslim country so their customs are not the same as in the West.

The Embassy can issue a British Passport for British nationals in Algeria, register a British national born abroad or issue a UK Visa. see the Travel Advice for Algeria on this website for more information about the country.

 British Embassy in Algeria

British Embassy in Algiers, Algeria

Ambassade Britannique
3 Chemin Capitaine Hocine Slimane
(ex Chemin des Glycines),
City: Algiers


Office Hours: Sun-Thur: 0700-1430 GMT; Sun-Thur: 0800-1530 Local Time

Visa applications in Algeria:

All visa applications for the UK has to be made in person when done in Algeria. This needs to be done at  71, rue Mohamed Belkacemi 1er etage immeuble Ericsson El Madania (Oued kniss). This is where you can apply for a family visa, visitors visa or a work visa for the Untied Kingdom. most of the visa work they have given over to WorldBridge for online processing of visas.

British Embassy for UK nationals:

The British embassy in Algeria does the following for you are a British national

  • Register a birth for you while in Algeria;
  • Provide a notary service in Algeria;
  • Issue you with a new British passport (Applications only – done in UK takes 6 weeks);
  • Assist you if arrested;
  • Contact your family if in hospital or detained.

Public holidays (British embassy) in Algeria:

These are holidays on which the British Embassy in Algeria is closed. These are a mixture of British holidays and also Algerian holidays. Call the embassy before you arrive to ensure that they are open. The national day of Algeria is on the 5th July each year. Note that the embassy is closed also over normal British Christian holidays such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, and over the Christmas period in December.

DateEnglish name
Sunday, 1 JanuaryNew Year’s Day
Sunday, 5 FebruaryProphet’s Birthday
Sunday, 8 AprilEaster Sunday
Monday, 9 AprilEaster Monday
Thursday, 5 JulyIndependence Day (50th anniversary)
*Sunday, 19 August* Eid El-Fitr
*Monday, 20 August* Eid El-Fitr
Thursday, 1 NovemberRevolution Day (58th anniversary)
*Friday, 26 October* Eid El-Adha
*Saturday, 27 October* Eid El-Adha
*Thursday, 15 November*Muharram
*Saturday, 24 November*Achoura
Tuesday, 25 DecemberChristmas Day
Wednesday, 26 DecemberBoxing Day

* are tentative, precise dates to be confirmed nearer the time


British Embassy in Algeria, Algiers : Visa processing times

Note that the visa application and processing times in Algeria normally takes in the range of 4 weeks to 8 weeks so if you are booking a ticket and making arrangements to visit the UK then ensure that yoiu take the visa process time into consideration. Ensure that you always apply as early as possible.

Visits Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made
Premium Visit (more than 6 months)0%1%5%43%71%99%100%100%100%352
General Visit (6 months or less)0%0%2%26%62%98%98%98%100%872
Business Visit (6 months or less)1%2%5%35%60%99%100%100%100%316
Family Visit (6 months or less)0%0%1%32%62%99%99%99%99%748
Other Visit (6 months or less)0%0%1%19%41%95%97%97%100%242


Points Based System Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made
PBS Tier 10%0%0%50%50%100%100%100%100%4
PBS Tier 20%0%0%55%55%100%100%100%100%18
PBS Tier 40%0%6%59%79%95%100%100%100%88


Other Non Settlement Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made
EEA Family Permits0%20%40%60%60%100%100%100%100%10
Other Non-Settlement0%0%80%95%97%100%100%100%100%80


Settlement Visas2 days3 days5 days10 days15 days40 days60 days90 days120 daysTotal decisions made



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