Australia: Notarial and Documentary Services

British ConsulateThe British High Commission in Canberra can assist you with consular assistance such as an emergency passport and other issues. You should however contact an Australian law firm where the High Commission is not able to assist you. See the list below of what they can do for you.


Applying for a British Passport in Australia (Lost or Stolen)

The latest information from the FCO as listed here stats that British nationals in Australia are the 3rd highest group of expats who loose their passports or get them stolen while out of the country. This has now climbed to more than 3,000 passports for the last year alone. Below is the start process and cost from Australia for this year 2016.

Replacing a lost or stolen passport while in Australia

You’ll have to pay a fee for your passport and a courier fee of £9.70. The courier fee pays for your passport to be sent back to you securely.

Passport type Passport fee Total to pay (including courier fee)
Adult standard 32-page passport £83.00 £92.70
Adult jumbo 48-page passport £91.00 £100.70

How to apply

You must apply and pay for your passport online.

Before you start you need:

  • 2 identical new photos of you (or your child, if it’s a child passport application)
  • any other current passports issued by other countries
  • a MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit or Maestro (UK Domestic) card – Maestro (International) cards aren’t accepted

Start the process online



Emergency Passport

They may be able to provide an emergency travel document if you can’t get anew or replacement passport in time to travel. If you are due to travel in the next 24 hours. Contact the British Consulate in Australia as follows:

The British Consulates in Australia will be able to assist you with the emergency travel document. Note that the Consulate do not deal with visa applications. Note also that naturalisation, registration or renunciation of British citizenship are handled by the UK Home Office and not by the High Commission or Consulates.

Registering a birth or death

You do not need to register a birth or death while in Australia as the local authority certificates are acceptable for this purpose.

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