British Embassy in Iceland

British Consulate

These are the contact details of the British Embassy in Iceland. If you live in Iceland then you will be able to seek assistance at the British Embassy located in Reykjavik. This embassy can issue you a British visa be it a fiancee visa or a spouse visa or even apply for a UK visa if you wish to visit the UK.

British Embassy in Iceland

If you are new in the area then you can ask where the Red Rock Cinema is located. The Embassy is up the road from the cinema. They can also assist you in the event of an accident, marriage registration death registration or even renew your British passport. We have listed the opening hours, address and also the contact details of the British embassy in Iceland. See also the National Day of Iceland on here.

If you live in Iceland and lost your passport then report this immediately to the local police. They will provide you with a police report for the Embassy to show that you have reported the passport lost or stolen. See also the cost of the passport when you are outside of the country. On another note if you are getting married then a freedom to marry letter is required by law. The Embassy will provide this but you must have your original divorce certificate or death certificate of your last spouse. This letter from the British Embassy will need to be verified, translated and then certify the translation again.

See also the Canadian Embassy in Iceland as well as the British Embassy in Kuwait and British Embassy in Sweden.


British Embassy in Iceland


British Embassy in Reykjavík

Laufásvegur 31
101 Reykjavík

For enquiries that are not about consular issues, email


Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 4pm
  • Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm




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