Immigration & Visa Appeals

British ConsulateVisa appeals are complex drawn out and most times very costly. You will need to find a law firm in the UK or in your country where your visa has been denied. There are many times when the appeal would work however you will need legal advice in this regard. The Embassy will normally tell you why your visa has been denied.

UK Visa

Immigration & Visa Appeals

  • You will need to prepare a realistic appraisal of the viability for the appeal;
  • If in the UK you will have to prepare representations for the tribunal;
  • You will have to ensure that you lodge the appeal within the prescribed time frame;
  • You will need to draft and also to prepare witness statements if it is in the UK;
  • You will need to take advise on grounds for reconsideration where needed.

Most appeals in Asia tend to be incorrect documents or omissions in the documents provided. Medical illnesses and these are mainly for the spouse visa, fiancee visa, partner visa where there is no real proof of a relationship and dependent visas where the applicant is not dependent on the sponsor or ill.


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