British Embassy in Eritrea

British Consulate

These are the details of the British Embassy in Eritrea. The British Embassy in Asmara, Eritrea is very near to the Department of Immigration in Asmara. This Embassy operates everyday except on Fridays when it does not open after lunch time. The contact details for the embassy and a map and street address is listed below. Speak to the staff at the embassy or send them an email if you wish to obtain a British visa or wish immigrate to the UK.

British Embassy in Eritrea

They can offer you the best advice with regards to passports, marriages, immigration and migration.

For those planning to get married, you must obtain a letter from the Embassy to prove your single status. This process takes several days and requires you to present original documents such as your divorce decree or the death certificate of your previous spouse. After the letter is verified by the Eritrean government and translated and certified, you can register your marriage in Eritrea with these documents. Likewise see the fiance visa UK as well.


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British Embassy in Asmara

66-68 Mariam Ghimbi Street
PO Box 5584 Asmara
City: Asmara


Use the contact form for consular enquiries:

  • Phone: +291 1 125 123
  • Fax: + 291 1 12 01 04
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: (GMT): Mon-Thur: 0500-1030 and 1130-1330 Fri: 0500-1030
  • Local: Mon-Thur: 0800-1300 and 1430-1630 Fri: 0800-1330

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