British Embassy in Luxembourg

British Consulate

These are the details for the British Embassy in Luxembourg. If you are in Luxembourg be it for business or on holiday and you need assistance from the Embassy then the British Embassy in Luxembourg will be able to assist you with a lost passport, registering a death abroad and assisting with translations, local laws and ensuing that should you have trouble that there is someone who understands the local laws and regulations.

British Embassy in Luxembourg

The contact details for the Embassy has been listed below if you require consular assistance in Luxembourg while in country. If you lost your passport while in the country then you will need to report this to the police. They will give you a police report to show that you have reported the passport missing. The Embassy in Luxembourg will require you to have this to apply for a new passport. See the British passport fees on this website. There is also the option of an emergency travel document if you are in a hurry.

Likewise if you are getting married then you will need a freedom to marry to ensure the government that you are single. You must have your original divorce decree of death certificate of your last spouse with you. The letter takes a few days to obtain and you can then have this verified as authentic by the Luxembourg government. This will then need to be translated and the translation certified.

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British Embassy in Luxembourg


British Embassy in Luxembourg

5, Boulevard Joseph II
L-1840 Luxembourg
  • Email
  • Contact form
  • General Enquiries (+352) 22 98 64
  • Consular Enquiries 00 322 287 6211
  • Fax (+352) 22 98 67

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