Top 10 Expat Destinations

British Consulate

If you have ever wondered what the top 10 expat destinations are then you need not think to much about as the British government has kept track of everyone and has provided this is a table format under the British Abroad publication which have also listed here.

Top 10 Expat Destinations

This is a listing from the most British expat to the least and we have listed them in point form:

1. Australia

Most British expats abroad are found in Australia they total more than 1,062,000 of which more than 251,000 are pensioners. 25% of all British expats are pensions and most of them use the following embassies for assistance while in Australia at the British High Commission in Canberra. British expats make up almost 5% of Australia’s population.

2. USA

In second place it is the USA with just over 829,000 expats of which 140,000 are pensioners and most of them seek assistance as the British Embassy in Washington. For some odd reason the British Consulate in New York is strongly disliked.


This should come as no surprise to anyone that the British like living in Spain. This is also where most of the accidents occur according to the report which you can read here. There are a total of 808,000 British expats in Spain of which 104,000 are pensioners. Most use the British Embassy in Madrid for assistance.

4. Canada

Believe it or not but #4 is Canada. We don’t here about Canada much but there are more than 608,000 expats living in Canada. Of these 157,000 are pensioners and they mostly use the British High Commission in Ottawa for assistance.

5. Ireland

At #5 is Ireland with the most British. some just simply do not venture to far from home. Ireland is home to just over 289,000 British nationals with 126,000 being pensioners. The ratio of pensioners to expats is the highest in Ireland. They use the British Embassy in Dublin for assistance.

6. France

The French will love this. There are more than 253,000 British nationals in France and of which 57,000 are British pensioners. They use the British Embassy in Paris for consular assistance. from the stats most use it to renew the British passport or apply for a British passport in Paris.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand is home to 248,000 expatriates while 54,000 are pensioners. They use the British High Commission in Wellington for any assistance.

8. South Africa

Crime ridden South Africa is home to 219,000 British nationals of which 38,000 are pensioners. They mostly use the British High Commission in Pretoria for help and also the British Consulate in Cape Town as many use the consulate and High Commission to register a birth. From personal experience I think most British live in Cape Town.

9. Germany

Firstly Germany is how to a small expatriate population of 97,000 of which 39,000 are pensioners. Secondly Germany has apparently got some of the best retirement facilities around. Their ratio of expats to pensions is the highest in the world for the British. Lastly they tend to use the British Embassy in Berlin and most of that is for passport renewal.

10. UAE

Rather interesting that the Middle East made it to the list. There are 65,000 British nationals in Dubai with only 680 being pensioners as most are working out in the Middle East. They use the British Embassy in Dubai when needing help.

Its a bit of an odd list which has been complied but where people like to retire and where they like to work is not always the same. This small listing of the Top 10 destinations for British nationals paints an interest picture as there is not one Asian country in the list.



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