British Consulate in Belgium

British ConsulateBritish Consulate in Belgium. The British Consulate in Brussels in Belgium does not really issue visas or for that matter do what a normal embassy would. If you need a visitors visa, new passport, register a British citizen born abroad then you are best advised to call on the British Embassy in Brussels and not the Consulate.

British Consulate in Belgium

The British Consulate will only speak to you by appointment. We have listed their contact details, telephone numbers, street address and a map to their location if you need to go and see them by appointment.

British Honorary Consul in Ghent, Belgium

Avenue des Nerviens 9-31 Nervierslaan
1040 Brussels
City: Brussels


*** This is an Honorary Consulate. If you need help with your visa, passport or other consular assistance you need to speak to the British Embassy in Brussels. See that listing for more information about visas, passports and other services offered by the Embassy in Brussels.



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