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BNO Renewal in Hong Kong

British ConsulateIn 2012 the South China Morning Post wrote a good article on BNO renewal and how this affects the more than 3.4 million citizens of Hong Kong. You can renew your BNO status even when your passport has expired however it does come at a price.

They have stated that many BNO holders think that once the passport has expired then they have lost out. Well you have not and you can still renew even the expired passport. The British Consulate in Hong Kong has refused to release figures as to how many BNO renewal applications they have received. The British Consulate in Hong Kong has stated that it makes no difference if your passport expired years ago it can still be renewed.

The spokesman for the consulate has said that most of their calls they receive is to ask if they can still renew their BNO status even when expired. Let me put it this way.

Renew your BNO even if the passport expired years ago!

There now I have repeated it as well. most of the questions I used to get on this website was about BNO and I have always said – ‘BNO: Yours for Life’.’ You cannot logically have an expired citizenship. Its for life! When pushed for a number they gave a ballpark figure – between 70,000 and  200,000 citizens of Hong Hong renewed theirs. That is as big a ballpark as what you can get.

The BNO passport gives its holders visa-free access to 100 countries, compared with 134 countries to which SAR passport holders have visa-free access.  Cost will always be an issue but this once off cost will last you for 10 years.  At $970, a 32-page 10-year BNO passport costs the same as a British passport. A larger 48-page BNO passport costs $1,150. A 32-page five-year child’s passport costs $630. The passports are run on a full cost-recovery basis, according to the British consulate.

Now look at the real cost – $97 a year!

Take good advice – Renew your BNO as the cost will only go up. There is a long term saving in the end as on average $97 a year for an updated BNO passport is a small price to pay.

See the forms and address for the British Consulate in Hong Kong here.


NOTICE:  BNO (British National Overseas)

The application process has been changed again and this time you now need to apply online for the renewal of your BNO passport. From Tuesday 10 December 2013, the application process will be centralised and British nationals, including British National (Overseas) passport holders, in Hong Kong should submit their passport application to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK.

BNO Fees and Forms are located here

Start your application on Her Majesty’s Passport Office website


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